Cell Biology of Neural Development

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The main objective of our group is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neural differentiation, from the early process of nervous sytem formation (known as neurulation), to neuronal differentiation. For this, we mainly use zebrafish (Danio rerio) and chick (Gallus gallus) embryos.

Optical section of a 3 days-old zebrafish embryo retina, 

where retinal ganglion cells )magenta), actin filaments (yellow) 

and DNA (cyan) were labeled. Flavio Zolessi

Two-day old chick embryo section, showing the optic cup 

and the invaginating lens placode, labeled to show the presence of 

MARCKS protein (green) and actin filaments (red). 

Flavio Zolessi

Principal Investigator: Flavio R. Zolessi

Current members: Gonzalo Aparicio (PhD student, PEDECIBA), Camila Davison (PhD student, PEDECIBA), Magela Rodao (PhD student, PEDECIBA); Lucía Veloz (PhD student, PEDECIBA); Santiago Bosch (Master student, PEDECIBA); Lucía Mustto (undergraduate student); Santiago Licandro (undergraduate student).

Associated researchers and students: Dr. Paola Lepanto (IPMon; former PhD student); Mag. Ileana Sosa (IPMon; former Master student); Mag. Marcela Díaz (Microscopy Unit, IPMon).

Previous members: Dr. Daniel Prieto (IIBCE: former Master student), Dr. Lucía Ruiz (former undergraduate student).

Main recent publications:

Davison C, Zolessi FR (2021) Slit2 is necessary for optic axon organization in the zebrafish ventral midline. Cells Dev, 203677. doi: 10.1016/j.cdev.2021.203677 

Preprint: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.09.25.314062v3

Lupo G, Piper M, Zolessi FR (2021) Editorial: Context-dependent regulation of neurogenesis: common themes and unique features of the neurogenic process in different model systems. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 9:678475. doi: 10.3389/fcell.2021.678475.

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Optical section of a zebrafish embryo (3 days), showing part of the retina, 

optic nerve and optic chiasm.  Retinal ganglion cells were labeled both using a 

specific antibody (blue) and by transient transgenic GFP expression (yellow). 

Camila Davison

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Paolini A, Duchemin AL, Albadri S, Patzel E, Bornhorst D, González Avalos P, Lemke S, Machate A, Brand M, Sel S, Di Donato V, Del Bene F, Zolessi FR, Ramialison M, Poggi L. (2015) Asymmetric inheritance of the apical domain and self-renewal of retinal ganglion cell progenitors depend on Anillin function. Development 142(5): 832-9. doi: 10.1242/dev.118612

Section of a neurulating chick embryo, showing part of the neural plate,

where actin filaments (red) and DNA (cyan) were labeled. Gonzalo Aparicio

Prieto D., Aparicio G., Morande P.E., Zolessi F.R. (2014) A fast, low cost, and highly efficient fluorescent DNA labeling method using methyl green. Histochem Cell Biol 142(3):335-45. doi: 10.​1007/​s00418-014-1215-0

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